our team carries a background in theatre & costume design.

Our time in the world of plays & opera helps bring unparalleled vision to our designs. We realize the necessity of understanding & incorporating someone's story into our designs to create a garment fit for a goddess. To us, a goddess resides in every woman. At her core there is power, beauty, and independence we wish to illuminate.
And all it takes is the right creation.


Sarah Student

Owner | Designer | Seamstress

Given a sewing machine and creative encouragement at age 3, Sarah has always been fascinated with detailed construction techniques and the art of selecting the right fabric for every finish.  Her design work spans theatre, film, dance, opera and custom fashion and is drawn from the unique and beautiful stories of the characters and clients she works with and for.



Christina Hobbs

Designer | Seamstress

It was a fondness of classic films from the 30's and 40's that began Christina's love of costume and fashion. There is a deep love for the details, the technique, and the story that is told when all of the elements are assembled together. It is this transformative process of creating beautifully made garments that is the most satisfying. 




Photography | Marketing

Involved in theatre since the 3rd grade, her interest in costume has evolved to include fantasy, modern, and past era designs. A love for photography as well as an acquired specialization in "remending" garments has grown out of the desire to create, reveal and preserve beauty.




Curious about what it takes to create a custom garment?