Zeita Studios designs & creates each dresS

 inspired by the goddesses who wear them.


Katherine came to us with foxes and fables in her eyes. Along with photos she showed us of wedding dresses she liked, she also revealed a fairytale she wrote which mythologized how she and her husband met.

Picture a fox, wild and free, and a bear, stoic and stable, who happen upon each other one day in a secret, mystical wood. After several adventures, they become faithful companions for life.

Katherine's fairytale and her foxy nature immediately inspired Sarah's designs. The end product was realized in this one-of-a-kind dress, where the leafy lace echoes a bountiful forest, and tinted coattails with voluptuous tulle whisper of fox tails. White satin buttons gathered from Katherine's grandmother's very own wedding dress topped this breathtaking Kitsune with something borrowed and familial.


Sweet Dreamer

Full of life and joy, this bride couldn't imagine a dress without color.  Inspired by her home in Hawaii she came to us with visions of the sea and Sarah's thoughts turned to fan coral.  Layers of aqua in coral tulle shaped the skirt and coral-like appliqués framed her linen bodice.

Her fiancé wanted something magical too and we made him a vest of the same linen backed with a coral print silk charmeuse.

Every fitting was full of squeals of excitement and laughter and the mood always matched the vibrant colors of this bride's gown.

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Ice Queen

Sarah got married herself not too long ago, and she decided a job well done is a job done yourself.

Sarah has always had an affinity for the cold and the intensity that comes with it. Not many get to say they've experienced such a chilling, beautiful dream that is Antarctica, but Sarah was able to travel there with her father. Likewise, not many get to claim such a chilling, beautiful dress that is the Ice Queen. Her dream trip ended up inspiring her dream dress, which not only mirrors the severe yet dazzling aesthetic that not only defines Antartica, but Sarah as well.

Reminiscent of monumental glaciers, colossal oceans where a sheet of indigo stretches for miles, and the whiteout intensity of the Antarctic plain, the Ice Queen features a gradient of deep blues to stark white. Glittering snow flakes and jewels nestled between the folds of fabric flash like fresh packed snow in the sun.

Mojave Spring

Amy's love of classic romance meant a chance to playfully work with lace and beading while adding a hint of blush color to highlight the details and connect her look with the stunning wedding venue in the Red Rock Canyon.

Amy's sense of fun came in to play for the reception when we swapped out her grand tulle skirt for a colorful short skirt which let her cut loose at the reception.

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Looking for a dress with romantic lace details that showed off all of her curves, our bride chose to go for our REMENDED option.  

We talked through her vision then went with her to Brides for a Cause to help find a dress that had a great structure at an unbeatable price.  Most of the dress came apart and then was lovingly rebuilt to meet the vision.  

We paired the look with a long dramatic veil for the final touch.

The Vampiress

This bride was married near Halloween and guests at her wedding came in costume!

For her look she chose a sense of vintage elegance paired with jeweled spiders (which the bride painted herself).  Understated vampire fangs and a pearl choker finished the look.

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Snow White

Not strictly a bridal look, our Vampire bride loves costumes and wanted a high quality costume of Snow White.

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Inspired by her favorite pair of shoes, this bride wanted to add a touch of color to a classic silhouette.

Period Corsets outfitted her with the correct understructure to support the clean, precise lines of this taffeta dress.

It was a pleasure to work with our friend at Millinery by Miriam on this bride's beautiful head piece.

Click through for a video and to see the stunning bolero we made her!


With some imagination, collaboration, and a bit of lace, this bride went from "I think this is my dress..." to "YES! This is my dress!"


This bride needed her gown to be taken in to show off her hourglass figure and to stay in place while she partied! A hem and bustle were needed, and a sash with some bling finished off the look.