We are a fashion design company specializing in custom bridal gowns.

Our studio is appropriately located on the edge of downtown Seattle underneath the architectural wonder that is the Space Needle.

Tucked behind and under HR Block and down an alley, the studio greets you with an understated white calligraphy sign hung quietly on a wrought iron gate. This hole in the wall, metal-bound passage whispers of hidden and mystical worlds looming beyond.

And once you step foot into the oak-floored ballet studio with pastel maple leaves wrapped softly around ceiling lights, mini-bridal portraits arranged above silver curio trays, various laces, tulles, and shoes strewn sweetly on work tables and painted trunks, you'll realize you have indeed stepped into a world of fashion mythology. 

"There's no end to these ladies' thoughtfulness and talent. I'd recommend them to anyone--and I will!"

"...the whole dress started to look perfect, almost a miracle."

"At the end of my time with them I left as someone who felt truly like family, and with an unforgettable dress that I would have NEVER dreamed for myself".

"I LOVE the dress and I loved how I looked in it; it was elegant, graceful, and 'me'."

"I met with Sarah with a vision in my head and a few months later came out with the most beautiful dress I couldn't even imagine."

"I have complete trust in these two to create any garment a bride has dreamed of with incredible care, skill, and love."

"Sarah sketched my imagination to life"