Our Process


This consultation is on the house! We know you can’t make a proper decision on something as huge as your wedding dress just from looking at a website and reading a few FAQs. So we give you this consult as a way to get to know us and our business, and as an introduction into the entire process and our products.

This consultation includes discussion of your vision and gives you the opportunity to ask us questions. You can bring us pictures, sketches, notes, or just talk to us about what you want! We encourage pictures, and we are happy to look at Pinterest with you! We also want to get to know you. One of our guiding principles in creating the perfect garment for you is to always consider the client’s individual story while making the product. We want the piece to represent your lifestyle, your personality, and your history, and this consultation allows you to give us a little representation of just those things.


After we discuss your ideas and get to know you, our designer gets to work drawing sketches to make your vision come to life. We will schedule another consultation period to go over three finished sketches providing you with three options, each adhering to your initial ideas and desires. You will pick one of these sketches, but the sketch is not final if you don’t want it to be! We practice open discussion and brainstorming, and are willing to add or subtract from the sketch you like the best in order to get it perfect for you! We will also provide color and fabric options at this time, which, along with the final complexity of the garment, will allow us to start the discussion of budget.


Zeita-Zeita Yelp-0056.jpg

Includes initial measurements, discussion of fit and drape, pinning, and alterations.

After the initial measurements are taken, three or more fittings will take place leading up to 2 weeks before the final event date.

The first fitting includes an understructure, or skeleton, of the dress’s form with mock fabrics to provide you with a rough draft, so to speak, of your dress. This rough draft or mock-up allows us to make adjustments regarding fit and placement, but it also allows you to provide feedback and make edits in the design.


This is the time where it is easiest to make these adjustments, and if what you’re seeing isn’t what you envisioned, and you would like a dramatic change, this would be the time to tell us! Remember, be honest. This is your dress, and you will not hurt our feelings. We want to make you happy!

The following fitting, and fittings after, include the adjustments made from the first
mock-up and the routine adjustments, draping, and edits needed to make the dress
fit to your body and your vision!

Final Product

The best part of the whole process!! Your dress is finally DONE, and you get to try it on, work on your strut, and show it off to yourself and your bridesmaids and whoever else you’d like!


You are a goddess, and more than anything, we would like to show you this. When your dress is finally complete, we provide a complimentary photoshoot with studio make-up and hair. The only concessions we ask are for the digital copies and/or prints of the photos once the whole thing is over, and we retain rights to use the photos for marketing purposes.

Why do we do this? Because the photoshoot is more than its end result (the photos--which are pretty dang awesome, if we say so ourselves). This shoot allows you to move, dance, and feel beautiful in your new custom creation. The photoshoot day will be all about you and making sure you feel, truly, like a goddess in the garment. Our photographer has a way with helping you relax in front of the camera, and she focuses on telling your story through the lens. We want you to know you are worthy and deserving of the goddess treatment, and that includes being made the star of the show and having a fun day!