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I cannot express enough gratitude and kind words for Zeita Studios. I entered the scene as a hesitant stranger, knowing absolutely nothing about their business, the women behind it, or even what I wanted in a wedding dress. At the end of my time with them I left as someone who truly felt like family, and with an unforgettable dress that I would NEVER dreamed for myself.

When I met with Christina and Sarah for my initial consult, I didn't even know what I wanted in a custom wedding gown. I mainly wanted alterations on a gown I kind-of-sort-of liked. But even dresses that I tried on and kind-of-sort-of liked, they still made me feel like I wasn't really myself. I've never been someone with a lot of confidence, never been someone who thought they'd get married, and never been someone who know anything about what to wear.

But after talking with Sarah and Christina about creativity, their backgrounds, my background, and everything in between, I knew I had to work with them no matter what I decided. I'm a writer, and I enjoy writing fairytales. I wrote a fairytale about my husband and I, where I was represented as a fox. Sarah blew me away with her initial sketches by creating a dress inspired by a fox. The dress mimicked fox colors by being completely white in the front while having a "tail" of voluminous tulle in an ombre of pinks, corals, and oranges. The one thing I knew I did want in a dress was a high collar which Sarah included in her drawings. And to complete the look, she added delicate coattails to complement the masculinity and Victorian of the high collar. Something I would have never thought of or considered but was absolutely perfect.

Oftentimes, drawings and ideas can be radical and wonderful, but the execution will somehow fall flat. But this absolutely was not the case with my dress. Every fitting was a wonder when Christina helped me into the dress, and I saw the piece coming together before my eyes to match the precursory idea behind it with verisimilitude. Then the grand finale of the last fitting when I got to see what they all worked so hard for brought me an unbelievable emotion, leaving me speechless.

In the end, not only was I gifted (I say gifted because truly this dress felt like a present because it was so original and beautiful) with an unbelievable dress, but I was also brought in for a photoshoot with Amy. I know I am sounding redundant with my praise, by the portraits could not have been more perfect. Amy has an effortless talent, where every photo she takes is captured with utmost care and precision while still retaining a carefree creativity. She, Sarah, and Christina all made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera, and I could not have asked for better bridal portraits.

All three of these women have one-of-akind personalities and one-of-a-kind talents. I recommend them to anyone who wants an original dress, an alteration, or simply just a consult. I believe this team can accomplish ANYTHING they put their minds to. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. 


Alterations and Day-of Services

I am so thankful to the ladies at Zeita Studios! Christina performed miracles on my dress. It was custom-made from another vendor and when I tried it on--for the first time at Zeita Studios--it swallowed me. I thought all I would need was a simple hem, but Christina basically had to remake my dress to fit me. She's not only incredibly talented, but kind and considerate. My mom lives across the country, but she really wanted to attend my fittings. Christina offered to Skype her in during our fittings and Amy attended each one to make sure my mom was involved in the entire process. 

I also took advantage of their in studio photo shoot and day-of support. I'm so happy I did! I was able to give my husband and mom Amy's beautiful photos of me in my dress just before the ceremony--and Christina and Amy again saved the day when they preformed an emergency hem two hours before the ceremony. When I lost my lipstick just moments before our reveal, Christina eagerly offered me hers. There's no end to these ladies' thoughtfulness and talent. I'd recommend them to anyone--and I will!

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"I like to compliment the work and the services offered by Zeita Studios. I brought a complicated alteration to Christina and Sarah. My granddaughter was asked to be a bridesmaid for a friend's wedding. The bride selected a dress brand that offered sizes up to 18. The brand also tends to have sizes that run small. there was no way of shopping for something else, so I asked those seamstresses to take a look. The only solution was to purchase another dress and use the fabric to create a complete upper bodice, the skirt was alright.

Needless to say that this task looked almost impossible to me, but Christina and Sarah were supportive and optimistic that it could be done. After several fittings, the whole dress started to look perfect, almost a miracle.

We will wholeheartedly recommend Zeita Studios, they did the work they promised and in a tight period of time. Very happy with the results."


Custom Wedding Gown

"As a bride, I wanted a wedding dress that FIT me--both my body and my personality. As a part of the Zeita Studios team, I wanted a dress that showcases the incredible talents Christina and Sarah have. My dress is a beautiful pale pink to blend with the Red Rock Mountains and was highly based off of Dior's vintage gowns, especially the understructure of the bodice. Sarah joined me for dress shopping so she could see in-person what fit my petite frame best, and once our design was finished, Christina threw herself into hours of extensive research on how it should be constructed. Christina devoted herself to creating the most amazing bodice that truly fits me like a glove, plus she and Sarah created not only one but TWO skirts for me to wear as well as altering my bridesmaid dresses and creating a garter and belt! I have complete trust in these two to create any garment a bride has dreamed of with incredible care, skill, and love."

Thank you so much to the fabulous photographers at Love is a Big Deal for allowing us to showcase these beautiful photographs.


Shopping Advice and Alterations

"I almost never write recommendations for a service [...] but I am now, for Zeita Studios. 

The work Christina did on helping me decide which dress to buy for my daughter's wedding was incredible. She was so positive about the first gown I brought in --even though I was lukewarm-- and her alteration ideas helped me feel better about my choice. However, during the fitting she gave me ideas about what shape of clothes I could wear in the future that would be flattering, which gave me confidence to look for a gown I would never have thought of in the first place! So, against her advice to stop looking for a Mother-of-the-Bride dress, I went home and promptly found a different dress that I loved and was the shape she recommended for my body. 

I didn't think twice, bought the dress, and Zeita Studios completed the alterations. I LOVE the dress and I loved how I looked in it; it was elegant, graceful, and 'me'. I felt very beautiful wearing it.

I thank Christina very much for her advice, help, and hard work. I will always use Zeita Studios for a dressmaker and if I'm ever in the need of someone to go shopping with me, I will ask Christina."


Custom Wedding Gown

"My mom has been a friend of Sarah's for a long time so she came highly recommended to be the one to create my dream wedding dress. She nailed it!! I met with Sarah with a vision in my head and a few months later came out with the most beautiful dress I couldn't even imagine. She was very professional, offered knowledgeable guidance when I needed it and allowed me to speak my vision to her with patience(!) and understanding. Her materials and her workmanship is high quality. The whole experience working with Sarah was relaxed, enjoyable, and she finished my dress with time to spare, which was one less thing I had to worry about! She even created a small outfit for my 15 month old daughter in less than 2 weeks...

A HUGE thanks to Sarah and for everyone who helped her to create the dress of my dreams!! And a thank you to our talented photographer, Jennifer Ecker, who captured our special day."

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