How does this all work anyway?

We meet, we plan, we make! Not too complicated! But for a detailed introduction into our whole process, take a look here.

What are the benefits of a custom creation?

Your one-of-a-kind creation will be an outward expression of your powerful life story. Building something from the ground up allows us to partner with you and give you a creative voice in the process, continuing to refine the look and feel of the garment up until it leaves our studio to go home with you. The fit and personalization are second to none and we pride ourselves on supporting you throughout the process.

What does my budget need to be to work with Zeita Studios?

Depends on what your dream is! We are willing to work with any budget, but a smaller one will require some creative compromise.

Our custom gowns with inner structure average $6,000-10,000. A custom creation includes designing, pattern making and draping, the cost of materials, dressmaking, fittings, and so much more--it adds up to over 100 hours of time spent on YOU (isn't that fabulous?). 

If your budget is less than $5,000 the services we offer include ReMended creations in addition to alterations, custom accessories, and design consultations. You can also bring us dress shopping or lingerie shopping-- we will show you the best fit for you!

Message us and we promise to do all we can to send you in the right direction.

Do I need to be in Washington for custom creations?

We do need to conduct the initial measurement session and subsequent fittings in person because it is the ONLY way to assure excellent fit of a custom creations. Seattle is an awesome city to take weekend vacations, though! ;)

How long will it take?

It will fluctuate depending on availability and complexity. We like to have at least 6 months to design and produce a custom garment as this gives us time to ensure a great fit, source the best fabrics and get to know you. If you need something sooner, message us to ask! 

Where will fittings and consultations take place?

Our location is right near the Space Needle on 1st Ave N. in Seattle, WA

Do you have anything ready-made and for sale?

We have some exquisite head pieces made by our friend at Millinery by Miriam in our studio, and a few test veils, but on the whole everything we make is made just for you by our team or by other amazing artisans we bring in!

Could you teach me how to create a custom garment?

Yes! We have offered private lessons as well as workshops upon request. Sarah has instructed classes on sewing construction for all levels, draping, pattern-making, design, and illustration. We love to talk about the process and we are happy to share as many details as you would like :)

Could you replicate this gown I found on Pinterest?

Nope, we can't! We love to be inspired by the artistic work of other designers but we love even more to create something all our own. Our mission is to create something that tells YOUR story. If you fall in love with another designer's piece, GO BUY IT! :)


For more on the process, view this PDF!