Vendors we Love

Below are a mix of vendors we have worked with, vendors our clients have worked with, or vendors we met and fell in love with their work. We love to promote the work of other talented artists and are happy to share a bit about them so you can decide for yourself if they are the right fit.


Amy Paine - Amy Catherine Paine Photography

Amy has been with us from day 1 (actually before that) and her images and videos are found throughout our website. Amy has made our business possible by making us look so good!


  • Portrait - Solo, Family, Pet, Corporate Headshots, performance headshots

  • Boudoir

  • Just Me - A photo project empowering women by exploring their natural beauty

  • Video - Corporate promotion, family day-in-the-life


Kat St. John - makeup artist

Kat has worked with us on several photoshoots, has been the go-to MUA for Amy’s portrait clients and has worked with some of our brides on their wedding day. Her professionalism and kindness is a wonderful complement to her skilled artistry. We love her and recommend Kat highly.

Check out our fuchsia bride for some fun examples

image by jenny gg photgraphy

Offbeat Bride

This incredibly curated site and community was what kept me (Sarah) sane and grounded throughout my own wedding planning process. It took away all the “Shoulds” and added all the encouragement and permission to be myself. Ariel, the creator, is a powerhouse who lifts up others and her work has made all the difference for so many. She also lives in Seattle, so that’s neat!

In addition to access to vendor recommendations and amazing true wedding stories that will knock your socks off, there is a sister site: Offbeat Home & Life which means you don’t have to say goodbye to all the encouragement when the wedding is done.


Morfey’s Cake

Just down the block from the studio, this cake artist has become the primary choice for our own events. We served Morfey cakes at Sarah’s baby shower and her daughter’s third birthday. The cake flavors and fillings are sublime and the decoration is always meticulous. If you need opinions, we are happy to walk over with you and help taste flavors!


Leah Erickson Floral

If you want a down-to-earth (pun intended) florist, who won’t stop until the job is done, and will become a friend by the end of the night, you’ve found your girl. Leah can take your dream and make it into a reality, even if you don’t know how to articulate that dream. We gave her our gold frame and said “make something pretty!”… and she blew us away with her creativity and execution.


Amaranth Floral + Event Design

One of our alteration clients is a florist who has worked with Amaranth and knew we would love their work. The wild floral arrangements and breathtaking artistry made them an instant favorite with us. It’s worth looking through their website just for the sheer creative catharsis you’ll experience!

Photograph by audrey norman

Photograph by audrey norman

Alyssa Ayala - Pacific Engagements Wedding Planning

Alyssa helped coordinate Amy’s Just Me gallery show. She found the perfect location, went above and beyond leading up to the show, called frequently with questions Amy hadn't even thought about, coordinated the volunteers, and more. She is a leader of Seattle’s Tuesday Together meetings, and so she is a great resource for other small-business vendor recommendations.


Kurly’s Kart - Deep Fried Organic Potatoes

Delicious and organic curly fries (and other fare) that come to you. Have we said enough? Sarah and Amy found Kurly’s Kart when he was a vendor at Rustic Bride NW bridal show, and have since been scheming up all the possible events to hire him for.