Passion and joy drive our bride and she longed for a feeling of stability and to be grounded for her wedding day. Originally she came with ideas that were beautiful but really didn’t capture her spirit or honor the way items have significant for her. Once we broached the idea of using an heirloom piece, these beautiful crocheted tablecloths came to her mind. Sarah was off and running, designing a dress that could be worn comfortably on it’s own, or made dramatic with the addition of a custom dyed skirt made of one of the largest tablecloths.

Our bride was so moved when she saw the design and she realized how perfectly it told the story of who she is and where she is on life’s journey. Her fiancé is a glass artist and made the beautiful green and gold buttons that served as closures and to create a bustle.

The Process

The Wedding Day

Photos by a friend of the bride